Built on the proud heritage of our families who settled in Lancaster County over 200 years ago, Barnco Woodworks continues the legacy of the quality craftsmen that came before us.

For over 23 years, our professional team has served Lancaster County families by offering quality custom sheds, gazebos, garages, swing sets and more, all proudly built by Amish craftsmen! First, with J&M Woodworks, our sister company, that was established in 1987, and now with Barnco Woodworks, which was aquired in 2001.

5 Year Written Warranty

We offer a 5 year written warranty that many other building manufacturers just can’t match! That’s because we put more lumber in our buildings than the average builder, put tar paper under our asphalt shingles for longer life and build our doors with braces to prevent sagging and warping. Plus, all our builders are long-time craftsmen. We want you to be happy with your shed, gazebo, garage or swing set, now and in years to come.

Unmatched Service

Our quality doesn’t stop with our products, though. Our Old World heritage extends to the service we provide too. We’ll deliver your new building on-time and our crew will fully assemble everything and clean up any mess that we make! We treat our customers like friends and always do the best job we can. We’ll even drop off a free can of homemade jelly when you purchase any of our products. How’s that for friendly neighborhood service?

So if you’d like to add a shed, gazebo, garage or swing set to your backyard landscape, there’s no better place to start than Barnco Woodworks! Place your order and then sit back and relax as you watch our professional team build your custom shed, garage, gazebo, garden house or pool house.

Have a question? Call Sam at (856) 767-6887.